Are You #MASDproud?


My faithful (or even occasional) blog readers might think, “Oh, she’s writing about Twitter again…” – and they would be correct! I can’t imagine going through an entire Connected Educator Month without reminding everyone of the power of Twitter for developing and growing a professional learning network. But I’m not going to spend much time today writing about how Twitter works or telling you who to follow. For that, you can login to our Digital Learning Resources course on Moodle and check out the “Twitter for Teachers” module or see what I’ve shared on my webpage.

Today I want to focus on using one aspect of Twitter – the hashtag – to build connections. Hashtags are a little like a search term. Even if you don’t have a Twitter account, you can search for a hashtag and see everything that’s been tweeted using that tag. It’s a great way to focus a Twitter search and find what you’re looking for. So let’s think about that in reverse. If you can find tweets on a particular topic by searching a hashtag, it stands to reason that a good way to get your tweets out there is to consistently use a hashtag that makes sense and that people will remember. Once they discover that you’re sharing information of interest to them, they will likely start to follow you. That’s a way to make connections!

So let’s use Twitter to tell the story of all the great things happening here in our district. Let’s make connections and build community. If you are already on Twitter, please make an effort to share great things happening in your classroom or school using the hashtag #MASDproud. If you haven’t yet made the leap to your own Twitter account, I urge you to go to and type #MASDproud into the search box and see what comes up…and then consider adding your own voice when you’re ready. Let’s flood the Twitter-sphere with all the great things going on in Mechanicsburg and make #MASDproud a way to connect with one another and the world.

I know I am #MASDproud. Are you?