Google Chrome User? Try These Three Tips

On two recent Fridays, Kirsten Zelenky, Jess Bock, and I had the privilege of attending Google Educator Bootcamp sessions held at IU12 and IU13. The training, led by Rich Kiker (@rkiker), was packed full of information designed to help us pass the Google Educator Level 2 Certification exam. I don’t know if I’ll actually take the exam, but I learned a lot of things about Google Apps for Education that I can use and share with all of you! Today I’d like to share three quick tips to make your Google Chrome browser experience a little more convenient.

Reopen a Closed Tab – Have you ever accidentally closed the wrong tab in your browser? In Chrome, simply right-click (Control-click on a Mac) on any open tab and choose “Reopen Closed Tab” to open the last tab closed. It works something like the “undo” button, so if the tab you want wasn’t the very last one you closed, you can keep “reopening” tabs until you get the one you wanted.



Pin Tabs  If you’re like me, there are a few tabs that you might keep open all day long while you’re working. For instance, I almost always have Google Drive open. To save space in my browser, but keep Drive at my fingertips, I can right-click on that tab and choose “Pin Tab”. Chrome will shrink the tab and move it to the left side of my window. The Drive icon still shows, so I can quickly identify the contents of the tab. To “unpin” a tab, simply right-click and choose “Unpin Tab”.


Open a Tab in a New Window – Sometimes I have two tabs open, but I’d like to see them side by side. To make a tab into its own window, simply grab the tab and drag it down on your screen. The tab will open in its own Chrome window. It works in reverse, too. Drag a separate tab into the tab bar of another Chrome window and it will become a tab in that window. Watch this short video for a demo.

For additional information about Google Chrome features, check out this page from GCF 

Know any other great Chrome tips? Please leave a comment to share them!


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