Learning From One Another

MMS Librarian Jess Bock sharing Twitter with her colleagues.
Ben_flipped classroom
MASH Math teacher Ben Motter shares how he flips his classroom to provide more time to interact with students face-to-face.

Last Friday afternoon, while our elementary teachers were digging into data to get a broader picture of their students’ strengths and needs, our middle school and high school teachers were digging into their own digital learning. Each building organized sessions, facilitated by teachers who volunteered to share ways they use digital tools and resources to enhance learning. Session titles ranged from “Twitter for Professional Development”, to “Digital Collaborative Writing with Google Docs and Google Classroom”, to “Flipping the Classroom (with WeVideo)”. Teachers had the opportunity to learn from colleagues about how they use tools such as Kahoot!, Edmodo, Turnitin, Symbaloo, Chrome extensions, Diigo, Google Classroom (and many other Google Apps), Moodle, Twitter, Kidblog, Portableapps, PollEverywhere, Socrative, and more to support learning and help students develop important literacy skills. I was fortunate to be able to visit many of these sessions to see the collaboration and sharing that took place. In every session I visited, the focus was on how these tools can help students to think critically, to communicate and collaborate, and to create products to demonstrate understanding. Kudos to all who facilitated and helped to organize these events, and to everyone who took part in the conversations throughout the afternoon!

If you participated in any of these sessions, either as a facilitator or a learner, please leave a comment below to share something you learned or to provide your thoughts about the experience. Learning from one another is such a powerful form of professional growth. Your input will help to inform future learning opportunities across the district. Together we all know more!


One thought on “Learning From One Another

  1. Jess Bock September 28, 2015 / 8:12 am

    It was fun to share what I’ve learned about “Twitter as a Professional Development Tool” and “Blogging in the Classroom” at MMS on Friday. I’m honored to work with professionals who are interested in leveraging technology for authentic uses to support student achievement…and I love that teachers are willing to take risks and learn with me about something new! I really wish I could have attended the workshop on “WeVideo;” that is my next venture!


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