Get “Flippity” for Flashcards…and More!

This week on Twitter I learned about a great resource for making flashcards. Now, I don’t normally get excited about flashcards…but Flippity is different. Using a Google Spreadsheet template, you simply type in the content or add links to images or even videos.  Once you create a set of cards, you can share them with anyone via a link. As a teacher, you can create flashcards and share the link with students or (this is the part I really like!) students can create their own flashcards and share them with one another. Check out the sample flashcard set on Flippity’s homepage.

Flippity is easy to use. You do need a Google account, so if you are not using your district Google Apps account yet, let me know and I’ll be happy to get you set up. Then simply follow these four step directions on the Flippity website…

Flippity directions

Just a couple of notes…

Images and videos can be added to cards via links only – you can’t upload a file from your computer. It looks like video links have to be from YouTube, so this will be an issue for our kids using them in school until we find a solution for that. But don’t let that stop you. Either skip the videos or let them work on those at home.

Here’s a set of flashcards I made about Google Apps. Flippity has a few other templates, including a quiz game that looks a lot like the Jeopardy templates many of us have used. Check them out and give it a try! If you need any help, just let me know.

If you decide to give Flippity a try, share the link in the comments so we can see your cards. Also, if you have other apps or resources you use to create flashcards, please share those as well. Together, we all learn more!


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