Make the Non-Digital World “Clickable” with QR Codes

You’ve seen them. These funny-looking black and white squares show up on advertisements, business cards, and product packaging. Like grocery store barcodes on steroids, QR codes (short for “quick response” codes) are a way to access digital information from spaces that are not usually “clickable”. They are easy to make and even easier to use, and there are so many ways they can be used in the classroom.

  • Add a QR code to a graphic organizer or worksheet. Students can scan the code to access more information about the topic (webpage, Libguide, video, etc.).
  • Add a QR code to hard copies of parent information letters to allow parents to quickly scan and add your contact information to their devices.
  • Project a QR code and have students scan to access an online video or webpage without having to type in a long URL.
  • Have students create audio or video book reviews and post them online. Place a QR code linking to the review on the back cover of the book so students can find out more before reading.
  • What other ideas can you share???

Reading QR Codes

QR codes are designed to be read by an app that uses the camera built into a mobile device. Many of our district iPads already have a QR code reader app, but if yours do not, you can follow your building procedures to request one. There are many free QR code readers out there, but here are a few to try:

i-nigma for iOS

i-nigma for Android

Qrafter for iOS

QR Code Reader for Android  

Creating QR Codes

Making QR codes is almost as easy as scanning them. Check out the links below and try it for yourself!

QR Code Generator – Enter text, URL, contact information, etc. and watch the QR code change. Download or copy the code in several sizes to fit your needs.

QR Stuff – This one allows you to produce QR codes in different colors. Great for organizing or differentiation!

GoQRMe – One more option for creating QR codes.

For more information, check out my Diigo list for QR Codes (scan the code at the top of this post to go to one of the sites on that list).

I’ve shared QR codes with several teachers over the past few weeks and seen them used in classrooms from 2nd grade through high school. If you’ve used QR codes with your students, please chime in with a comment below to share how you’ve used them!



2 thoughts on “Make the Non-Digital World “Clickable” with QR Codes

  1. Jess Atkinson December 5, 2014 / 3:15 pm

    THANK YOU! I have wanted to know how to do this, but I haven’t had a chance to research it. I just added a code linking to a related libguide to an assignment sheet, and it works perfectly.


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