“Is There an App for That?”

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At least once a week I get a request from a teacher or administrator who is looking for a good app for (fill in the blank). In fact, it just happened this morning. Rather than allow you all to think I have some magic power for finding apps, I thought I’d share the resources I generally use when looking for good instructional apps or websites to use in the classroom. While these primarily apply to apps for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, some of the services provide educational websites and online games as well.

Graphite.org is a free service from Common Sense Media that helps teachers find the best apps and educational content on the web. All resources are reviewed by teachers and other education experts and you can filter your search by type of resource, grade level, subject area, price, and device. Teachers who use the resources are invited and encouraged to add their own feedback as well. This is my “go-to” resource when looking for any online resource for the classroom.

AppCrawlr bills itself as “the app discovery engine”. While not limited to educational apps, you can use the filters to narrow your search by content and type of device. My favorite part of AppCrawlr is the “compare” button on each search result, which provides you with a chart comparing that app with 9 similar apps on a whole range of criteria. This is a great way to find new resources!

Appitic.com is a resource I learned about during our elementary “Growing Digitally” Mini-Conference last August. Thanks to Chelsie Moss for sharing this one! Appitic is a huge collection of iPad apps reviewed by teachers and organized by categories such as Special Education, Challenge Based Learning, Multiple Intelligences, and Blooms Taxonomy.

While I enjoy researching and sharing great apps – and will continue to do so – I’m happy to share these resources with you so you can maximize your own app-searching efforts. While these three are helpful, I’m sure there are others out there. What sites or services do you use to find great resources for yourself or your students? Please share!






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