Beyond Digital Drill and Practice

This morning @KleinErin tweeted a link to a blog post by Kristen Swanson titled, We Use Technology in Schools for Rote Skills: The Ugly Truth. While there is a place for drill and practice activities – whether technology based or not – I hope that’s not all our students do with the computers and other devices in our schools. As Kristen mentions in her post, the world outside our doors requires problem solving and creativity that won’t be developed using an app or website that simply requires students to click on right answers.

If you’re looking for ways to take your students’ technology use up a notch, try having them blog to share their writing, or use a tool like Educreations to explain what they’ve learned. There’s a time to practice skills, but there’s also time for applying, analyzing, evaluating, synthesizing, and creating…and there are tools to help them do it all.

If your students need to practice skills and you have a good digital resource to help them do that, use it. But please don’t let that be their only experience with technology. They need so much more than that.



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