What Did You Learn Today?


This poster pretty much sums up my job. As an instructional coach with a focus on helping teachers integrate technology to enhance learning, I have to keep learning. There’s no way I can stay on top of every new technology tool, so instead I try to focus on critical skills like creating, analyzing, and evaluating and look for tools that can help teachers and student do those things better…more efficiently, more accurately, more creatively.

In order to keep learning, I turn daily to my PLN – my personal (or professional) learning network. In my case, it’s usually found on Twitter. By following educational leaders, I am exposed to new thoughts and ideas on a daily basis. Tonight I participated in an #edchat – a scheduled gathering of educators on Twitter. The topic tonight was connected educators and the value of using social media as a learning tool. One of the participants (@ktenkely) made a brilliant suggestion: let’s bring our PLNs to the teachers we work with by sharing what we learn on a daily basis. So that’s what I’m going to do…

Each day, I’ll blog about something I learned that day from my PLN, including a link so that others can check it out for themselves. Sometimes the learning might be from a face-to-face encounter here in the district and I’ll be happy to share that, too. Being connected makes us all learners…which in turn makes us better teachers.

So…what did you learn today?


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