TGIF ~ March 26, 2010

Technology Gems, Ideas, and Facts

Friday, March 26, 2010

Gem ~ a website or application that might work well for you or your students

Live Binders is a new way to share resources with your students. The site requires that you create an account, but it’s completely free and only requires an email address. Once you’ve set up your account you can create an unlimited number of binders. Each binder contains tabs that display webpages, documents, photos, or videos. This can be a handy way to organize resources so that students have everything they need in one place. Binders can be shared publicly or privately. Click here for an example of a private binder I’ve created for a first grade class studying elephants. Because the binder is private, I am able to include a video from Discovery Education Streaming on one of the tabs. The access key you’ll need to view the binder can be found in the email I sent with today’s TGIF link. If you don’t get the email, ask a co-worker or email me and I’ll send it to you. (

Idea ~ a way to enhance your LFS lessons with technology

Awesome Highlighter is a web tool that allows you to highlight portions of a webpage and make notes about them. Students can highlight new vocabulary, important content, or whatever they need to remember. They can also add “sticky notes” to a page and jot down their thoughts as they’re reading. When they’re finished, Awesome Highlighter gives them a unique URL (web address) that will take them back to their highlighted version of the page. Here’s a highlighted version of one of the elephant pages from above: (

Fact ~ Just a bit of information

This isn’t a fact…it’s another resource. But I just found it and I really want to share it…so, to stick with the F theme, we’ll call it a find. TypeWith.Me is a website that allows for real-time collaboration on a document. Simply go to the website, click on the link to create a new document, and you’re ready to start. Share the link to the page with anyone via email or by posting it on a webpage. As each contributor types, the text appears on the document for everyone to see, highlighted in a different color for each person. The document can be saved and it’s easy to go back and restore to a previous version. Finished documents can be exported in several different formats. (Just a note:  When I tried this morning, the export to Word or PDF wasn’t working. You can always copy and paste the finished work into an offline document, though.) This could be a great tool for collaborative story writing, for students working on a group project, or for teams of teachers working on something when they can’t be in the same room. (

Have a great weekend!



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