Online Resources for Elementary Teachers and Students

Just a reminder to my elementary friends, I’m constantly on the lookout for links to informational and interactive websites that fit your curricular needs. Some of these searches come at the request of specific teachers, but other times I literally stumble upon something that I think would be useful. Rather than email you all when I find a new link or continue to add every new link to my webpage, I’ve been using my Delicious bookmarking account to collect and organize these sites. This week I added quite a few new math sites and some sites about reading strategies. Some of the sites are for teachers, but most are activities for the kids. When I add a new site, it appears first on the list, but you can click on the tags at the right side to see only bookmarks about a particular topic. If you find something that you’d like to use with your students, please add the individual links to your own webpage. Please don’t just link directly to my Delicious account. There are too many choices there and the kids would be overwhelmed. If you need help adding links to your webpage, just let me know!

Also…if you have some good sites that you find useful with your students or that you think other teachers would like, please share them with me! I’ll add them to the list so that we can all benefit!


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