Summer “Tech Camp” and “Tech Tuesdays”

The Summer Technology Professional Development sessions are now available on the 48 Carats site. Please visit the site to register. If you’ve never used 48 Carats before and are not sure if you’re enrolled, email Dianne McGowan ( and she’ll get you started. Many of our sessions are being offered on two different dates, so please be careful when you register that you choose the correct one. 

If you’re registering for Creating and Maintaining a Schoolwires Webpage you’ll need to have a Schoolwires account. For Getting the Most Out of DE Streaming, you’ll need a DE Streaming (Unitedstreaming) account. We’ll need to be sure you have those accounts set up prior to the sessions. Please email me ( when you register for either one of those sessions if you are not sure you have an account or if you think you have one but you’ve lost or forgotten your login information.

I’m looking forward to seeing many of you at these sessions this the summer!


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